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What age range do your recommend the players be?

I usually say 13+ but it depends on how mature the players are, and how dark you want to go with the story. If the players can watch and enjoy The Crow, they're ready for Last Night On Earth!

Okay, thank you! :)

Played this the other night, and we had a blast following the glam metal band 'Morningstar' as they prepare for their final gig before the Devil claims their souls!
We had intended to do this over two sessions, but had to cancel one - so we didn't get the chance to do the 'Session Zero' experience or to push the mechanics to their fullest - but a great game was had nonetheless.


Amazing! I'm looking forward to watching!


I have really enjoyed reading the game although I have a doubt:

- In the combat chapter, if any result of the black dice equals the weak point, it says that the time increases, shouldn't it decrease?

Thank you